Guarantees & 5 Point Pledge

Every Roof Assured installation comes with the peace-of-mind of a watertight guarantee.

We provide a 15 year guarantee covering both the Sarnafil membrane and Sarnafil ancillary products used within the installation. Ask your installer about an additional Independent Insurance Backed Guarantee which can provide you with cover and post completion insolvency cover for 10 years.

Download sample guarantee:
Sika Roof Assured 15 year Guarantee

5 Point Pledge

Whatever your flat roofing requirement, you can be confident that a Sika Roof Assured installation will provide you with a roofing solution that not only looks good but can also provide lasting performance. This and our 5 point pledge has lead to thousands of happy customers who have invested in a Roof Assured roofing solution.

5 Point Pledge

1. Guarantees

Sika Roof Assured installations come with a comprehensive 15 year guarantee, covering the membrane and any other Roof Assured products used within the installation.

The Sika Roof Assured product guarantee has independent insurance backing and your registered Roof Assured installer can also tell you about the free independent insurance cover available which can provide you with cover for your deposit and also for post installation insolvency.

2. Quality Installation

We aim to provide a quality installation. Sarnafil products are only sold to our registered Roof Assured installers and are only installed by operatives who have completed the Sarnafil installation training course.

To ensure quality control, projects will initially be inspected by our Sika Roofing Field Technicians until it is deemed that the installer is competent to self-certify his projects. Random inspections will however still continue to take place to ensure quality is maintained.

3. Aesthetics

Roofs not only need to perform their weatherproofing function, but they need to look good as well. Sarnafil membranes are available in a range of colours, with matching edge trims and aesthetic profiles available to imitate traditional roofing systems, such as lead or other metals.

4. Environmentally Friendly

Sarnafil products make the minimal possible impact on the environment and are manufactured in Switzerland in a factory which uses mostly carbon-neutral energy from hydro-power. Products are manufactured to ISO 14001 the International Environmental Production standard. Due to the relatively long life the membrane assists to waterproof the insulation that makes a large contribution to the energy saving of the building.

5. Value for Money

We pledge to offer value for money. Our Swiss made Sarnafil membranes have been installed on buildings since the 1960’s and many of those roofs are still in use today. This is why our membranes have been independently certified by the BBA to have, in their opinion, a life expectancy in excess of 40 years, with virtually no maintenance.


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