This new membrane adhesive with its quick and easy application method will help speed up the installation of Sarnafil membranes, saving you time and money.


Sarnacol 2172 comes in a 19.66kg pressurised canister that will cover approximately 80m² to 100m² and price per m² costs the same to buy as Sarnacol 2170. However the saving is in the time it takes to use the adhesive. Everything you can do with Sarnacol 2170 you can do with spray applied Sarnacol 2172 only quicker, cleaner and with less application process.


A special rubber hose means that the applicator hose and gun requires virtually no flushing out. Using 2 nozzles (one in use the other in the solvent tin) ensures that the application process is kept quick. The canister is pressurised, which means that there is virtually no waste and the canister can easily be decommissioned once empty by using a special stainless punch to knock in the valve.



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