The bespoke design for the Sika-SolaRoof provided by Centroplan is based on a engineered mounting concept that is tried and tested: The Sika SolaMount-1, which not only offers a proprietary method of attachment but it can be covered by the Sarnafil guarantee for up to 20 years. The Sika SolaMount-1 is heat welded to the Sarnafil membrane with the Sika® SolarClick fasteners ensuring no penetration and a compatible system.

Sika SolaRoof®

Sika® SolarMount-1 is an aerodynamic, lightweight mounting system for the installation of rigid Photovoltaic (PV) panels to flat roofs. The Sika® SolarMount-1 system consists of the following components:

  • PV Mount (support, 15° tilt)
  • Sika® SolarClick
  • Accessories (rails, wind detectors, clamps, screws)

The PV panels and cables are not part of Sika® SolarMount-1. There are Sika® SolarMount-1 variants for 1 to 4 PV panels (1.65 m length), supplied to site according to the specific requirements. Selection is according to the local wind loadings. The Sika® SolarMount-1 system is exclusively distributed by Centroplan GmbH.

Safe Connection to the Roof Waterproofing Membrane

The key component of the Sika® SolarMount-1 is the Sika® SolarClick fastener. It is produced by injection moulding from the same materials as Sika’s membranes.

The Sika® SolarClick fasteners are mounted to each support. they provide a significantly enlarged contact area, which is important for uniform load distribution in order to reduce any local compression loads on the thermal insulation. Ponding of water is also reduced.

Easy & Quick Installation

The installation of the Sika® SolarMount-1 system does not require any roof membrane penetrations. The Sika® SolarClick fasteners are welded to the membrane with standard Sika Sarnafil equipment.

There are only a limited number of components to be assembled on site – this allows fast and easy installation. All components are packed on box pallets for reduced logistics.

Low Additional Roof Weight

Ballasting is possible but not required in every zone on the roof – this makes Sika® SolarMount-1 ideal for lightweight roofs. During the design phase the load capacity for the installation of a PV system always needs to be evaluated by a Structural engineer.

The loading imposed on the roof by Sika® SolarMount-1 is ca. 10–15 kg/m2, including a PV panel localised loadings can be higher.

This value (averaged over the roof area) is calculated from the addition of the Sika® SolarMount-1 mounting system’s own weight, ballasting with paving stones and the PV module’s weight, related to the panel row spacing. The distance between rows to avoid shading varies dependent on the geographical latitude, between 1.5 and 2.5 metres.

Sika SolaRoof® - The Full System: 20 Years Peace of Mind Sika SolaRoof®

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