Maintaining a building is a complex business and with the roof out of day-to-day sight and consideration, it is often only when water enters the building that it becomes a concern. The factors that affect the life of a bitumen, polymeric or metal roofing system can be simply identified through annual inspection and eliminated before any problems occur.

Once the need to replace the roof waterproofing has been identified, a number of factors need to be assessed, including type of system to be used, compliance with Building Regulations Part L 2010 (England & Wales), SBSA Section 6 (Scotland) and Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM).

With over 30 years experience in the UK refurbishment market, Sika Sarnafil is able to provide building owners and/or their agents with a comprehensive range of refurbishment system options. This is backed by expert advice and comprehensive technical support that provides many key benefits over traditional roofing materials.

These include;

  • Installation without naked flames, removing fire related health & safety concerns.
  • Improved energy efficiency through thermal upgrading, reducing carbon emissions and whole life cost.
  • A wide variety of system options, ensuring the best solution for each individual application.
  • High vapour permeability (Sarnafil G/S membranes), which enables the overlay of existing waterproofing (subject to survey).
  • Minimal disruption if an overlay can be used.