Guarantees Without Compromise

The performance of Sika Sarnafil roof systems is covered by the industry’s most comprehensive guarantees – including cover against error in wind uplift calculations which could lead to compromised performance.

Long Term Performance Guaranteed

We provide functional, practical roofing systems with performance advantages throughout the lifecycle of the roof. Indeed, independent British Board of Agrément (BBA) certification confirms a life expectancy, in their opinion, ‘in excess of 40 years’ (refer to BBA certificates for details). 

The combination of expert Swiss polymer engineering, continual on-going research and development, and market leading contractor training and support has created a range of roofing systems that we believe to be the best in the world.

Key Benefits of Sika Sarnafil Guarantees

Whole System Compatibility

All Sarnafil membranes, accessories and branded products have been thoroughly tested to ensure compatibility; this means that our guarantee covers all products invoiced by Sika, as well as Sarnafil branded products, supplied by our branded product suppliers.

Design Cover

Every Sarnafil project has wind load calculations and detailed project specifications produced by our experienced Technical Services Department. This ensures the systems we specify are appropriate for the site location, and that our roofs remain secure throughout the guarantee period and beyond. 

Additional design services such as:

  • Standard Detailing
  • U-Value Calculations
  • Condensation Risk Analysis
  • Tapered Design
  • Drainage Calculations using Sika Sarnafil rainwater outlets can also be provided if required



A comprehensive Sarnafil guarantee will be issued in partnership with the Sarnafil Contractor for the period of the guarantee and whilst the Contractor is trading. The Sarnafil Contractor agrees to rectify issues relating to any workmanship defects.

The Sarnafil Product Guarantee

Also available is the Sika Sarnafil Product Guarantee which covers the primary waterproofing system including Sika Sarnafil fasteners, adhesives, accessories and all Sika Sarnafil products.The logic behind our guarantees is simple – when you buy a car you expect the manufacturer to guarantee the components included in its construction.

The Sarnafil Extended Products Guarantee

Our unique Extended Products Guarantee has been developed to provide single-point cover for all elements within the roof system from the top of the deck upwards, to remove the risk of potential disputes that can arise when individual component manufacturers’ guarantees are in operation. This integrated approach is made possible through unique partnership agreements with other major manufacturers in the construction industry.