Self Adhered Single Ply Flat Roofs

Sarnafil G410EL FSA is a self-adhered hot-air weldable exposed roof membrane, which is suitable for new construction and refurbishment projects on smooth substrates. It combines all the traditional and proven advantages of a Sarnafil membrane, with fast and easy installation, thanks to a strong self-adhered attachment.

Cutting installation times, with no need for the use of adhesives on site, Sarnafil Self Adhered is the quick, simple solution for installers, specifiers and building owners. Instant adhesion means time and money can be saved by all parties, with a quick turnaround and shorter times on site.

Sarnafil Self Adhered has been developed by Sika Sarnafil and incorporates all the performance criteria associated with a company that has been providing quality single ply roofing solutions for over 50 years.The peel and stick application method of Sarnafil Self Adhered provides instant wind uplift resistance through the self-adhesive backing, and outstanding resistance to weathering, including UV irradiation.

This multi-layer synthetic roofing membrane is a premium quality polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material, with an inlay of glass non-woven, and self-adhesive polyester fleece backing. It contains ultraviolet light stabilisers, is flame retardant according to EN 13956, and provided with the CE-mark.Sarnafil Self Adhered is prepared with an uncoated welding edge, to ensure that a strong matching welding seam in the overlap is achieved.

Single Ply Roofing Materials