Contractor Spotlight - Contour Roofing, Part One

We’ve taken some time out to sit down with Jonathan Woods, Managing Director at Essex-based Contour Roofing, to find out what makes the multi-award winning business so successful and what’s important to him when it comes to supplier-contractor relationships. Here’s part one of our two part blog.

Jonathan Woods, Managing Director at Contour Roofing

Tell Us a Bit of Background About Contour - What's The History of the Company?

Contour started out as a pitched roofing company 33 years ago. When I joined full time in 1999, my aim was to create more opportunities for the business to flourish and grow, finding ways to enable us to go for more contracts. We began partnering with blue chip companies and developing these relationships saw more work come our way. However, at that time I was doing the estimating and could clearly see that we were losing out, because we didn’t offer a flat roof solution.


After some discussion, we decided to go with Sarnafil’s single ply membranes, as they are renowned for being market-leading. Becoming a Registered Contractor with Sarnafil was a great move, as it opened up a lot more opportunities for us to give customers what they want.


Widening our offering and dedicating ourselves to delivering projects to an incredibly high standard has meant that we’ve grown our turnover from £750,000 a year to £8.2 million. And we continue to grow. From three people in the office, we now have 14, which led to our recent office refurbishment to accommodate the needs of the business. An investment for the future, we’ve created a great environment to work in, with an open plan office, new kitchen and meeting room.

What Does Your Role Involve?

I may be Managing Director, but I’m very hands on. I’m always looking for new and innovative ways of ensuring we stand out from the crowd. Being one step ahead of our competitors is very important. We’ve seen really good results from embracing the digital side of the business, something that many others don’t seem to have clocked onto. Keeping our website up to date with the latest news and case studies is key – it acts as a showcase for us to highlight our great work.


I like to get on-site to see projects in progress and maintain good relationships with the fitters. I always encourage and applaud skilled workmanship – and make sure to get photos we can use on our Twitter profile and website.

What's Your Experience of Being a Sarnafil Registered Contractor? What's Important to You in a Relationship Between Supplier & Roofing Contractor?

Right off that bat, Sarnafil has always been a company full of really nice people. Sounds simple, but it’s amazing what a difference that makes! We get great support at all stages of a project, from tender and specification, through to installation and guarantee. Sarnafil is a company with a human face – something we pride ourselves on also. Our Technical Advisor, Jonathan Bunn, always makes the effort to pop into the office two or three times a month for a cup of tea and a chat. He has also accompanied me on client meetings, which is really beneficial for everyone, and gives the client extra confidence in the solution we’re offering.


Most importantly, when the Sarnafil team say they’ll be there, they are. Whether it’s support on price or a difficult customer, I’m never left holding the baby. We’re loyal to Sarnafil because we trust them and we believe in the product.