Roof EPDs

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) provides credible information about the environmental performance of a product throughout its life cycle in a given use scenario. Based on life-cycle analysis, an EPD should be created to internationally agreed standards (such as ISO 14025, and EN 15804) and independently verified and registered. 

Although an EPD will contain information about a product’s impact on various environmental indicators, such as global warming, (greenhouse gas emissions), ozone depletion, natural resources depletion and eutrophication, having an EPD does not imply that the declared product is environmentally superior to alternatives — it is simply a transparent declaration of the life-cycle environmental impact of that product. 

A single EPD can pertain to more than one product from multiple product manufacturers, if the products are from the same product category – these model EPD are particularly useful in industries where a product has multiple applications and therefore would require multiple EPD. Equally an EPD may be based on data relating to a single product from a particular manufacturer - these types of EPD are considered the most accurate and robust as there is the least amount of generalisation/assumptions involved in its generation. 

Sika believe that EPD represent one of the best ways to demonstrate the environmental impact of a product and as such have invested in several Manufacturer Specific EPD for many of our Single Ply Membranes. EPD have a wide scope for application and can be used in Green Building Assessment programmes such as BREEAM and LEED.

Single Ply Roofing Materials