Flat Roof Thermal Insulation

Upgrading Insulation - Building Regulations

For existing buildings, the Part L of the Building Regulations require that if any refurbishment works are being carried out the need to upgrade the thermal performance of the existing construction must be considered. Generally, if renovating a ‘thermal element’, a roof or wall for instance, there are certain specific ‘U’ Values that need to be met, which will usually require the provision of extra insulation.

There may be exemptions, for example some specific types of building uses are exempt, listed buildings may not need to meet the full requirements under certain circumstances.  They are also limited by the cost effectiveness, which would normally expect ‘pay back’ from the works within 15 years and factors of the technical feasibility. However ultimately this should be confirmed with the local building control body.   

Sarnafil Plus Surveyors can assist in ensuring your roof upgrade is designed to meet the regulations, however as these are a complex set of regulations, reference to the actual document is recommended for each individual project as is the advice of a ‘competent person’ as outlined within the regulations themselves.   

Tapered Insulation

Tapered insulation can be used to introduce additional or new falls to an existing flat roof in order to ensure effective drainage. 

Our Sarnafil Plus service will provide compliant SarnaTherm insulation, either flat or tapered, along with all necessary thermal calculations, condensation risk analysis and for tapered, a full layout drawing.

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