Long Term Performance Guaranteed

We provide functional, practical roofing systems with performance advantages throughout the lifecycle of the roof. Indeed independent British Board of Agrément (BBA) certification confirms a life expectancy, in their opinion, ‘in excess of 40 years’. (Refer to BBA certificate for details).


The combination of expert Swiss polymer engineering, continual on-going research and development and market leading contractor training has created a range of roofing systems that we believe to be the best in the world.

Proven Performance

To help demonstrate our longevity claims, in the summer of 2006, samples were taken from the 19 year old Sika Sarnafil roof at London Heathrow Airport and a 20 year old Baptist Church in Bedford. These samples were sent to the BBA for testing.

The membrane samples were artificially aged and tested in accordance with the standards for new membranes, and the results were assessed alongside test data from a 36 year old roof in Switzerland.


Considered together, the test results enabled the BBA to award Sika Sarnafil the longest period durability statement for a single ply roofing system, with the certification for Sarnafil G and S membranes now stating; “… satisfactory retention of properties indicating that a life in excess of 40 years can be achieved with periodic maintenance…”


Whilst every aspect of our business and private lives impacts on these concerns, the construction industry has a unique opportunity to impact positively on most, if not all of these issues. In new construction a holistic consideration of many of these factors can be made, optimising the design of new towns and cities to complement the natural environment.