Sarnafil Contractors

Sika Sarnafil roofing systems can only be installed by specialist contracting companies trained by Sika Sarnafil to install Sarnafil systems. Commercially these companies are listed in 3 different ways.

Registered Contractors

After a period of time as a Provisional Contractor (typically a minimum of 12 months), a contractor becomes eligible to progress to registered contractor. Assessment of a contractor’s suitability to move to this status is generally based on the quality of installed workmanship.


To request a list of Sarnafil Registered Contractors, please click the link below.

Sarnafil Plus Contractors

Sarnafil Plus is a specialist refurbishment area of business, providing a number of services traditionally procured by the client from professional sources or a variety of suppliers.

Sarnafil Plus Contractors are Sika Sarnafil Registered Contractors who specialise in refurbishment roofing, having many years of experience installing Sarnafil membranes in these applications.


For more information or to request a list of Registered Sarnafil Plus Contractors, please click the link below.

Provisional Contractors

All Sika Sarnafil contractors are initially listed as Provisional Contractors. This period enables the contractor to build the core skills required to estimate, procure and install Sarnafil roofing systems. While a Provisional Contractor site operative undergoes training at the Sika Sarnafil Training & Assessment Centre in Welwyn Garden City and office based staff attend the “Introduction to Sika Sarnafil” presentation. Some contractors choose to remain as Provisional Contractors, while others seek to move to Registered Contractor.