As a market leading manufacturer Sika Roofing has a responsibility to stay ahead of the curve and give all parties the best chance of embracing BIM. Architects and designers rely on manufacturers to create structured & compliant BIM objects that can be easily dropped into their 3D models and plans.


This is why Sika Roofing was the first flat roofing supplier to upload objects to the NBS National BIM Library back in 2013 – 25 in total for Sika Sarnafil. As BIM modelling becomes more co-ordinated amongst construction disciplines, we have now launched a selection of Sarnafil rainwater outlet accessories. Again, we are the first flat roofing supplier on the NBS National BIM Library to take this step and are already planning the development of more roofing accessories to meet the increasing ‘Levels of Detail’ required through the BIM life cycle.

We must think ahead as models become more integrated - they may need to contain additional accessories, connections, edge trims and one day maybe even screws!


We believe the best way to tackle this is to take a phased approach to BIM. Asking the market about its wants and needs, adding various objects onto the BIM library to meet those customer demands.

Rainwater outlets were chosen as the first Sarnafil accessory to be made available on the BIM library as they connect the roof to the building’s drainage services. With Sarnafil’s new outlet objects, designers can include void cuts, which will allow for fully coordinated planning with various trades like single ply installers and masonry teams.


Sarnafil outlets are completely compatible with Sarnafil roof build ups, which will encourage architects to incorporate them. The sub-contractor will find the hot air weldable rigid PVC outlets easy to install and the client also benefits as these accessories become part of the comprehensive system guarantee.


Sika Roofing BIM Objects are available to download via the NBS National BIM Library.


To request a bespoke Sika BIM object to match your project needs or specifications, go here to request a BIM object.