Generally environmental impact considerations range from Cradle to Gate (consumption of natural resources and energy during manufacture) to Cradle to Grave whereby consideration of installation through to removal, recycling and disposal are additionally considered. Many tools exist to assess these, among the most widely used of these are the BRE Green Guide and BREEAM tools. With these, realistic durability and maintenance input estimates are an essential pre-requisite of impact studies.


Thermal insulation performance generally has the most significant effect on the environmental impact of any roofing proposal and the environmental impact of a particular roof is specific to that design and must be calculated for accuracy. Many simplistic impact ratings for individual materials are available, but in reality the impact of a design is dependent upon the client’s selection of which environmental issues are most important.


Sika Sarnafil can provide a wide variety of information regarding the environmental profiles of our materials, including the provision of recycled products. Sika Limited base these profiles upon agreed national and international protocols, as they develop, not on our own claims.


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