Flat Roof Repair - Partially Stripping an Exsiting Roof

If the roof has been leaking in a specific contained area, or the type of roofing used originally can be removed without damage to the thermal insulation or structure, a partial strip maybe recommended to prepare the roof for refurbishment.


Neil Smith, Technical Advisor - South Midlands

Examples of where a partial strip would be recommended are;

  • If the roof elements are individually attached
  • If localised removal and replacement can take place
  • If elements of the original roof build-up can be utilised without compromising the integrity of the system

Advantages of a Partial Strip

  • Specific areas removed
  • Reduced risk of damage
  • Reduced cost
  • High performance and extremely durable

Partial strip system build-up

1. Existing roof

2. Prepare existing surface  

3. Prime existing surface using spray applied primer

4. Apply PU spray adhesive  

5. New thermal insulation

6. Adhered membrane   

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