Stripping and Replacing an Existing Roof

If the roof has been leaking for some time or previous attempts to repair a leaking roof have failed, a complete strip may be required to remove wet thermal insulation or deck. Where insulation is wet or excessively ‘damp’, leaving it in place will have a negative effect on any attempts to replace the waterproofing. It will provide little or no thermal benefit and will increase the risk of premature failure. A complete strip may also be required if a major component has failed and is beyond repair.


Richard Burke, Technical Advisor - East Yorkshire & North Lincs 

Examples of where a complete strip would be recommended:

  • If wet/saturated insulation has affected the bond quality of the existing system.
  • If the material used for the original deck is no longer performing due to water ingress.
  • If the thermal properties of the insulation have created a cold bridge.
  • If a steel deck has corroded and needs to be replaced
  • If the structural deck is unable to perform as designed

Advantages of a Strip & Replace

  • Complete system renewal
  • Meets current standards and regulations
  • Utilises all new approved and accredited products and practices
  • High performance and extremely durable

Strip and replace system build-up

1. Existing roof

2. Top layer removed

3. Wet insulation removed

4. Decking removed

5. Replacement structural deck

6. Loose laid vapour control layer

7. New thermal insulation

8. Mechanical fixings

9. Apply spray adhesive

10. Adhered membrane   

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