Why Choose Us?

Building owners, managers, educational specialists, and facility operators can assume responsibility for thousands of square metres of building area, and Sika Sarnafil understands the pressure that comes with this. That is why we have developed Sarnafil Plus, our flagship refurbishment offer.


  • The world’s leading single ply manufacturer established over 50 years ago
  • Product Life expectancy of over 40 years*
  • Detailed pre-installation survey and appraisal
  • Single point guarantee - covering the design, products and the installation up to 20 years
  • Specialist refurbishment installers


John O'Raw - Head of Sales - Single Ply Membranes

The Sarnafil Plus Service

Step 1: Site Survey

Sarnafil Plus takes the responsibility away from the client and passes it to our dedicated Refurbishment Surveyors who will conduct a comprehensive roof survey to determine which system is suitable for your roof.


During the survey a core samples will be taken to assess the current roof construction and the condition of the substrate. All of Sika Sarnafil’s partners including KingSpan, SFS Intec& Brett Martin Daylight Systems will also have input in the survey to ensure all components of the roof are covered. The investigation includes a photographic record and, where appropriate, investigative methods such as core samples and pull out tests will be used to confirm the condition of the existing roof, to ensure that every decision is educated.


To request a free site survey, please click here.

Step 2: Design & Specification

Following a detailed inspection of the existing roof, the following design factors should be established:

  • The required U-Value Calculations
  • The extra loading to the existing roof structure
  • The required compressive strength of the insulation where permanent plant or equipment is located upon the roof surface
  • The required fire resistance
  • Determine method of attachment / adhesion / mechanical fixing / ballasting
  • Any particular acoustic requirement
  • The wind uplift
  • The drainage, including falls
  • The lightning protection
  • The safety (fall arrest or captive enclosure)
  • The rooflights
  • The photovoltaic (PV) panels


All of the above will be covered and appropriate solutions selected during the comprehensive Sarnafil Plus roof survey.



Step 3: Logistics

The Sika Sarnafil Order and Logistics Department manage the large quantity of materials stocked in our Dunstable warehouse. This helps to ensure that materials are not only available when they are required but that they are also delivered to site in accordance with the programme requirements.  

Step 4: Contractor Selection & Installation

Sarnafil Plus Contractors are Sika Sarnafil Registered Contractors who specialise in roof refurbishment, having many years of experience installing Sarnafil membranes in these applications.

Step 5: Final Inspection & Sign Off - Single Point Guarantee

During the course of the roofing works, the Sarnafil Plus Refurbishment
Surveyor and Field Technician, will provide ongoing project support and
guidance. Regular progress inspection reports will be provided and at
completion of the works, there will be a final inspection and project
sign off.


As our flagship product, the Sarnafil Plus package offers only a single point guarantee option, ensuring that you are protected against the unlikely problems that may arise from the failure of Sika Sarnafil membranes caused by incorrect design, defective materials, or poor workmanship, through the issue of a Sarnafil Plus Product Guarantee and our Inspection Certificate.


Unlike others in the market, the Sarnafil Guarantee also covers an existing substrate if it is deemed adequate.

Ongoing Support

A building’s roof can fail for a number of reasons, most commonly from general deterioration over its lifetime, ever changing weather conditions and temperatures, building movement or settling, and unsuitable design. Often, what doesn’t change, is the continual time and investment needed to maintain roofs, once they have been installed, with large proportions of refurbishment budgets being re-invested into roof management every year.


Periodic inspection and maintenance of roofing assets are the most important elements of a successful roof management programme. This, in turn, is proven to reduce ownership costs and leak frequency, extend the roof’s life cycle, and most importantly, provide facilities and building management operations with fewer interruptions.