Sarnavap®-500 E

SarnaVap 500E is a 0.16mm thick polyethylene based vapour control layer, with a moisture vapour transmission rate of 0.41 g/m²/24hr and a moisture vapour resistance of 576 MNs/g.  Certified to achieve a B1 fire rating in accordance with DIN 4102, Sarnafil EcoVap E is suitable for use in most mechanically fastened systems.

  • Ease and speed of installation
  • Stays flexible at low temperatures
  • Long life-span
  • Non-decaying
  • Constant vapour diffusion resistance
  • High water vapour resistance makes it suitable in combination with all membranes
  • Wide application range, in regard to use in different system applications and/or in combination with different structural deck types, substrates
  • Recyclable