All roofing systems will, at some stage, reach the end of their functional life. However the cause of a roofing failure may not solely be down to the roof waterproofing failing. Mechanical damage, storm damage, poor design and poor installation are all factors that can affect the integrity and performance of the roof waterproofing. Each of these factors, and more, need to be assessed when an existing roofing system is deemed to have failed.

The implications of the failure need to be investigated, and appropriate remedial or replacement solutions specified.

When selecting the replacement roofing system, compliance with the Building Regulations needs to be achieved, particularly those contained with Approved Documents L and the refurbishment solution needs to be durable, have minimal environmental impact and be installed by fitters trained in the products installation. Change of use or aesthetics can also be considered.

Whether planned replacement or action following failure/water ingress, Sika Sarnafil roofing services can help the client, surveyor, specifier or contractor consider all of these factors and select an appropriate solution.